How it works

Less paperwork, more safety, great management

Opslock offers the world's most powerful safety management system. We provide cutting edge tools to make workforce safety simple, and we've built them to work even when internet connectivity isn't guaranteed. Available in multiple languages: we're helping to save lives and money for global operations in the most demanding environments.

Workforce Intelligence

Who is on your sites?

Before you can begin to manage safety, you need an accurate record of who is on your sites including employees, subcontractors, and visitors. Opslock provides tools that make it simple to keep track of everyone, the duration of subcontractor visits, and who is missing when the fire alarm goes off.

Features included: Access Control, Employee & Visitor ID Cards/Stickers, Cabin Assignment, Emergency Mustering.

Is your team safe for work?

Keeping track of employee readiness is a massive headache. We keep track of employee training and hours worked - eliminating a substantial administrative cost. Our integrated system ties training and fatigue information into Operations: blocking employees from performing tasks they're not trained for, automatically suspending work permits when an employee changes shifts, and more.

Features included: Training Management, Shift Management, Hours of Rest Reporting (ILO/IMO Compliant)

Smart Operations

Are things happening safely?

Opslock includes all the components of the standard work packet for industrial operations, but unlike paper tools, we're able to verify when these documents were completed and by whom. We've streamlined the process to remove duplicate work and increase wrench-time.

Features included: Work Permits, Checklists, Spot Checks, Risk Assessments, Shift Briefings

Is documentation ready?

One of the often-overlooked parts of safety in the workplace is making sure your employees have ready access to the companies up-to-date procedures, and any documents they might need to perform the job safely. We make sure that your employees always have access to up to the right information seamlessly.

Features included: Company Procedure Library, Integrated SDS Sheet Management, Document Revision & Distribution.

What if something goes wrong?

We're working to make sure that workplace incidents are a thing of the past, but in the meantime, we provide a fantastic set of tools to perform incident investigations, quickly understand the factors that may have contributed to the incident, and track the completion of any follow-up actions.

Features included: Incident Investigation & Reporting

What about Safety Culture?

One of our key benefits is the impact we have on Safety Culture. Employees know that most safety paperwork is never looked at, and it shows in how seriously they take it. With Opslock, your workforce understands that everything they do matters, and we engage them in that process by showing them how their engagement in safety culture compares to their colleagues with a live Participation Points(c) score.

Features included: Participation Points, Inspections, Safety Meetings, Emergency Drill Reports. Behavioural Safety Observations, Employee Feedback.

What about the other inefficient paperwork we have to do?

The more we understand about your operations, the more patterns we can potentially identify. Maybe worksite risk goes up at a certain point in your Operations? We've helped clients simplify Daily Progress Reporting in several industries, including IADC eDDR+ reporting.

Features included: Daily Vessel Reports, IADC(R) eDDR+, more to come.

Transformational insights

What's happening on-site right now?

We provide management with real-time insights into global operations, so when you get the call that someone has been hurt - you can know all the relevant details in seconds.

This is great, but what about my KPI Reports?

Excel sheets no more. Instantly create custom KPI Reports with all the numbers you expect - but with none of the headache.

Could Operations be more efficient?

By not only administering your worksite HSE but analyzing it, we're constantly on the lookout for ways to increase the efficiency of your operations. If the data tells us that one of your leading indicators has no impact, we'll share that. If we see an opportunity to increase fuel efficiency by analyzing Daily Vessel Progress reports, we'll share that too.

Ultimately, this is about avoiding incidents. Can you help there?

Our mission at Opslock is to identify the patterns of behaviour that lead to disasters. Every day your workforce uses our platform, we get a better understanding of their behaviour. By applying big-data analytics and machine learning to identify patterns in this behaviour, we're enabling cost reduction, increased time-on-tool, and most importantly risk prediction: alerting you to developing risk profiles and empowering you to intervene before risks become disasters.